Designer / Senior Designer 汽车设计师(2人)

薪资: 15K-20K
上海市市辖区浦东新区 / 年龄不限 / 性别不限 / 5-10年 / 本科 / 全职 / 2017-05-10
We are providing competitive salary and benefit. To be considered for an interview, please send your Chinese/English resume and car design portfolio (pdf max 10MB) as attachment to our HR email.

6 months internship is also considerable,if you want to apply, please remark "Internship" in subject.
  • Talent and Creativity. Have passions in car design. 具有天赋及创造力,热爱汽车设计
  • Innovative and fresh ideas in diverse design fields. 在不同的设计领域有创新的想法
  • Strong sketching skills and rendering skills. 优异的绘图功底及渲染能力
  • Strong ability in Photoshop. Have Working knowledge of Alias with clear understanding of 3D 熟练使用Photoshop,会使用Alias
  • Capable to develop 3D through clay with the clay modelling team 与油泥模型团队合作进行内外饰油泥模型制作
  • Understand vehicle construction, respect technical instructions while defending the design 了解汽车构造,在保护设计的同时能够尊重技术指导
  • Able to work as part of team and Keep fluid communication at all levels 有团队合作精神并能与各级别同事良好沟通
  • Take a lead on assigned projects as senior designer 高级设计师需要有带内外饰团队经验
  • Good presentation skills, able to handle design presentation and reviews 具备优秀的讲解能力,能够独立进行设计展示及评述
  • Fluent English (working language) 熟练使用英文(工作语言)


Founded in early 2010 in Turin, Italy, ICONA brings together some of the best international design, engineering, modeling and prototyping experience in the automotive sector, for the benefit of our worldwide customers. ICONA is unique among design studios.
Our core compenteces are design, engineering and prototyping. In the past six years, ICONA has grown to be a world-leading automotive design company with numerous successes, including the one-off supercar Icona Vulcano, which is the world’s first car made with a titanium body.
ICONA Group has over 70 designers, modelers, engineers, and project managers from 15 countries permanently based in Shanghai, Turin and in Los Angeles.
Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Automotive, Industrial Design, Transportation, and Modeling